Hi there.

I'm Kevin. I make cool stuff.

Design SHOWDOWN! (animation)
There is no "them" . . .
3 Things a Designer Must Not Do (Animation)
Steph Curry Logo
Stanford Track and Field Media Guide
Great Expectations Racing Logo
One Kilo More Logo
Origami "A": Art Heroes Rebrand
Jesuit Logo
Steph Curry Poster
Elements of Art Animation
BCP Activities Animation
Icarus Illustration/Logo
Vector Portrait
Design Dojo Logo
Elements of Art Posters (for sale!)
Adobe Character Animator Puppets
Vector Self-Portrait
Principles of Design Animation
HMMR Media Logo
BCP Sports Promo Video
Logo Branding for CFLG (CrossFit Los Gatos)
16 Hand Poses & Walk Cycle
Icons for Art-Heroes.Org
American Track League Logo
USA Soccer Poster
Maxwell Logo
2012 BCP Promo Video
Koji Murofushi Illustration
Optimal Logo
Dojo Joe Character Design
Photoshop Black Belt Challenge
Portico Logo
Ballet Digital Sketch
AthleteBiz Logo
Hammer Thrower Logos
Sarti Sport Medicine Logo
Ohana Board Shop Logo
West Coast Warriors Logo
Koji Ambigram Logo
Arena Ready Logo
Fearless Friends Illustration
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